"You can't do work on yourself and not do work on the space you live. And you can't do work on the space you live and not do work on yourself."


                                 -Elizabeth Gilbert



                      Jessica Liddle

Professional Organizing Consultant

Combining her passion for organization and utilizing her knowledge as a yoga instructor, she has created an organizing approach that focuses  on respect, love, and kindness. She understands the intricate relationship you have with your home and belongings. Jessica vows to help you with your organizational goals while always honoring your space.  She is excited to provide healing tools to help you maintain an organized mindset, and above all transform your home to a place that reflects your highest self.


Stylist Modern Study

It's your life, design it well.


Here will will take our road map for your home and I will walk you through it in detail. We will go deeper into mind-set and principles of organization ie: How your outer clutter and inner clutter are so closely related that one can not be address without the other. I will walk you through a few areas of your home that are your biggest sources of frustration and give you the tools to move forward.



Jessica was a huge help! I had been through a divorce a few years earlier and I had not dealt with full closets, clutter and a garage full of "leftover" stuff. She was thoughtful, patient and offered encouragement in working both through the physical and mental challenges with hanging onto unnecessary stuff. My head is now clear, my closets are clear and I couldn't be happier with all of her help!